Turn Your Web 2.0 Sites Into Automatic Cash Machines!

The goal of this special report it to give you a ton of resources that will not only teach you all about Web 2.0 sites and how you can include them in your business plans but to also show you techniques and tools that will automate this entire process.
I have put in many hours looking for both free and paid resources that will benefit you.
My goal is to save you massive amounts of time and money so you can quickly
implement these strategies before others.
What Exactly Is Web 2.0
The internet is evolving, and the fall of the dot com craze has begun. In its place, the
next generation of websites, Web 2.0, has arrived with promising potential. For example,
YouTube (www.youtube.com), a video uploading website, was created in February 2005.
Recently, less than two years after it was founded, YouTube was sold to Google for a
whopping $1.64 billion. Web 2.0 success, such as that of YouTube, was recognized by
many internet marketers. And, therefore, the concepts are being applied to hundreds of
recent websites.
Types of Web 2.0 sites
Many people are breaking Web 2.0 sites into these main categories
Social Networking
Social Bookmarking
Video Sites
Blogs - I have decided to talk about blogs since most people are familiar with
blogging already and there are plenty of good products that are available on this
What is Social Networking?
Social networking. We have all likely heard of it before, but not everyone knows what it
means? If you were asked to define what social networking was, would you be able to
give an accurate definition? Unfortunately, most individuals cannot, even though it is
likely that they participate in some form of social networking, especially online.
Social networking is defined as the grouping of individuals together into specific
groups, often like a small community or a neighborhood. Although social networking
is possible in person, especially in schools or in the workplace, it is most popular online.
This is because unlike most high schools, colleges, or workplaces, the Internet is filled
with millions, if not more, of individuals who are looking to meet other Internet users and
develop friendships.
Social Bookmarking
Video Sites


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