Resell Rights Products - What To Do With Them

'I Have More Resell Rights Products Than I Know What To Do With Them! What Now?'
Dear resell rights newbie,
It can be very confusing starting out. It's like being lost without a sign pointing where to go! Take heart, though. There are various resources out there that will help you learn the various .skills needed to work online.
One such resource of this Ebook: 17 Skills & How-To’s Every Resell Newbie Needs To Know! If you are going to do business in the resell rights market, you’re going to need to know how to:
Modify and upload sales pages.
Creating links.
Protecting folders on your server.
Create web graphics.
Know when to purchase a resell package and when to put your credit card away!


You’ll find the first 8 Skills listed below.

The 17 Skills & How-To’s You Need

1) Creating Web Graphics
2) Learning HTML
3) How To FTP
4) Installing Web Scripts
5) How Do I Create & Integrate A Header File When The (PHP) Script Doesn’t Have One?
6) Modifying Pre-fabricated Sales Pages
7) Importing a Sales Page to Ebay
8) Creating Download Links
To find out what the remaining skills are how to do each, order yourself a copy of 17 Skills & How-To's Every Resell Newbie Needs To Know!
All of the topics covered in this Ebook involve things you will be working with at one point in time or another. Most of the time, it's up to you to educate yourself on these things (which means drifting through the search engines, trying to figure everything out.)
Don't bother wading through the search engines. This Ebook will teach you a lot of the skills and tidbits you need for your resell rights business. Includes screenshots and thorough explanations!
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