Golf Tips - Target Putting

Target Putting
It's nothing short of a miracle cure
for your putting problems

The vast majority of all golfers have a problem with their right
hand taking over the swing. They are told the right hand is where
the power comes from, and who doesn't want maximum power?
The problem with this is that no one has ever said exactly how t
right hand works in the swing and how to use it to generate that
power without overpowering the left hand and causing the whol
swing to break down.
Jack Nicklaus used to say that for the purposes of the golf swing
you could cut off your right thumb and forefinger. But take a lo
at Vijay Singh just after impact and you will see that his entire
right hand is off the club except for his thumb and forefinger.
You must hit with the right hand to get power, but the only part
the hand that you should feel is the underside of the knuckle of
right index finger. In other words, the part of the right hand that
entirely below the left hand on the shaft.
As it turns out, Jack Nicklaus was wrong. The right thumb and
forefinger are the only parts of the right hand that you should be
using to generate power.
Here's the test. Get into your impact position and hold it. Now
move the club through the impact position using only your right
index finger knuckle. You will notice the left hand turns thru
without resistance.
Now try it again, but this time try to move the club through the
impact area with your entire right hand. You will feel some
significant resistance to the turning of the left hand.
That resistance slows the clubhead, prevents it from squaring up
and causes the left wrist to break down instead of correctly turn
through the impact zone. All of these things lead to the weak sli
and wild pull hooks that plaque the average golfer.


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