10 DNA Testing Myths Busted

10 DNA Testing Myths Busted, and Other Favorite Posts

By Blaine T. Bettinger
Blaine Bettinger is the author of The Genetic Genealogist.
He has been using traditional genealogical research for
almost 20 years and is interested in the intersection of
genealogy and DNA Testing. In 2006 he received his Ph.D.
in biochemistry with a concentration in genetics. He is
currently a second-year law student.

10 DNA Testing Myths Busted
(Originally posted October 25, 2007)

To Sequence or Not to Sequence - That is the Question
(Originally posted October 15, 2007)

Top 5 Reasons to Save Your Grandmother’s DNA
(Originally posted May 10, 2007)

Famous DNA Review – Genghis Khan
(Originally posted May 21, 2007)

You and the $1000 Genome - Part I: The Archon X PRIZE for Genomics
(Originally posted May 22, 2007)


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