Six Steps You Need to Follow to Guarantee The Success of Your Online Business!

Six Steps You Need to Follow to Guarantee The Success of Your Online Business!

Table of Contents
Introduction: Why should you listen to me?
Step #1: Find your niche market
1. The #1 fatal mistake made by 90% of Internet start-ups
2. What’s a “niche market”?
3. How will I know when I’ve found “the one”?
4. How to guarantee you have a hungry market – before you invest a dime!
5. Online tools to help with your “niche quest”
6. Use keyword research tools to discover EXACTLY what people are searching
Step #2: Make sure you sell the right solution
1. Sell your own product (as opposed to someone else’s)
2. Sell your own service(s)
3. Create and sell your own electronic information product
4. Recommend affiliate products
5. Sell drop ship products
6. Combine profit streams to explode your income potential
Step #3: Keep your visitors glued to your site with compelling
1. Why is salescopy so important?
2. What is salescopy? And what is NOT?
3. The 10 essential copy elements of a successful online business
Step #4: Design a website that leads visitors straight to the order
1. The 10-second rule: Why you must plan BEFORE you build
2. The “standard” pages your visitors expect to find on your site
3. Creating site navigation that leads visitors to take an action
4. The critical elements of your homepage
5. Balancing salescopy with graphics
6. Avoid the biggest design mistakes business owners make
7. Testing your site’s “usability”
8. Resources for designing your website
Step #5: Use an “opt-in” to build relationships with your potential
1. Why email marketing works for ANY business
2. Free opt-in giveaways your visitors won’t be able to resist!
3. How to write a compelling subscription offer
4. Where to put your offer to maximize opt-ins
5. Ten ways to profit from email marketing
Step #6: Drive swarms of cash-in-hand visitors to your site
1. Optimize your site so your visitors find what they’re searching for
2. Create a network of links that’ll lead the search engines right to your doorstep
3. Drive INSTANT traffic to your site with pay-per-click advertising
Conclusion: Where do you go from here?


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