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  how to never pay for advertising again

How To Get THOUSANDS of Other People Selling YOUR PRODUCT and NEVER Spend a Penny on Advertising Again...

Regardless of what you are marketing on the internet, the Free Advertising System is the ONLY tool you need to generate REAL success online.

* No more wasting time on posting to FFA pages and classified ad sites.
* No more being accused of SPAM after sending an email to a "Safe" list.
* No more worrying about your search engine position that changes every day.

You've tried all of the hyped-up junk online to promote your product and the only results you've been able to generate thus far are more debt on the credit card or a dwindling of the bank account.

You're just getting started and you haven't had the misfortune of wasting all of the time and money that countless others have already experienced.

Either way, what you are about to discover in the Free Advertising System is going change the way you think about doing business on the internet.

If you are a newcomer, then it will provide you with hope that you really can do this.

And, if you've already been raked over the coals, ran through the ringer and hung out to dry, then it will restore your hope in the dream you first had about earning a living online.

By the time you finish reading this you will discover...

How to get thousands of other people selling your products for you in just a matter of days without spending one red cent!

How to implement an easy-to-understand, step-by-step promotion system for your own product that will allow you to NEVER pay for advertising again!

A unique, 13-step "recipe" for your internet success that details *everything* you need to know in order to get others doing your web promotion for you!

The ONE tool that is hands down THE BEST way to see immediate and consistent sales from your product that doesn't cost you a penny or require more than a few hours of your time each week.

How to advertise your product in almost ANY ezine newsletter online without paying for fact, how to use virtually ANY advertising option online without paying for it! (Yep, you'll discover how to reap the benefits of pay-per-click search engines, solo mailings, banner ads, rented opt-in mailing lists, and much more - at ZERO cost to you!)

How to automatically grow your mailing list day after day without even trying! (And then reap the *real* profits through back-end, follow-up offers.)

Are you beginning to see why it's called the Free Advertising System? You'll discover how to *literally* NEVER spend another penny on advertising...

...and yet your sales will continue to build day after day, week after week!

Simple 5-step system for recruiting ezine publishers to sell your products for you - literally reach hundreds of thousands of potential customers in a matter of days!

How to find well respected "gurus" in your target field and actually convince them to advertise your products for FREE!

Where to find low-cost products to resell as back-end low as $1.75 for a license! (That's right, for less than two bucks you can actually own a high-demand product to sell online and keep 100% of every sale you make!)

THE best way to create multiple streams of income on the internet month after month!

How to launch your own viral marketing campaign without lifting a finger.

How to get continual free advertising to over 80,000 subscribers and your ad in over 50 ezines week after week.

9 easy ways to use your eBooks as your own 24 hour a day, nonstop salesman.

I don't care what you are selling online, there is ONE method of promotion that is far ahead of the pack. There is ONE advertising option that is hands down, no questions about it THE number one best way to produce sales on the web...
...and that is by starting your own affiliate program.

You mean join someone's program and market their products? Nope, I mean have other people join YOUR program and market YOUR products!

Your own affiliate program allows you to do everything I've mentioned already and so much more...without spending a penny. (Yep, you can even set up your own affiliate program at no cost - no setup fees, no monthly charges, no per-transaction costs - completely free!)

Now, before you rush off and think to yourself, "Starting an affiliate program isn't for me.". Let me share with you why it IS for you and how you can get set up quickly, without spending anything on it...

An affiliate program is THE best way to advertise your product or service online without question. Why? Because rather than seeing results from ONE person's efforts (yourself) you'll rake in the profits from hundreds, even thousands of other people marketing your website for you. It's like having your own sales army marching across the internet...

...and it won't cost you a penny to enlist them!

Whether you already have an affiliate program in place, or are just now considering it for the first time, the Free Advertising System will show you...

How to have everything setup to run 24 hours a day, 100% completely automated - it practically takes care of itself.

How to setup your affiliate program with ZERO costs - no startup costs, no monthly fees, no commissions, no cost at all.

10 quick and easy ways to get the word out about your affiliate program.

How to announce your affiliate program to thousands of potential affiliates for FREE.

THE #1 method of generating sales through your affiliate program. Concentrate on this baby to send your sales counter spinning!

42 free affiliate program directories to submit your program to and how to get someone else to do it for you COMPLETELY free. (Some are charging up to $99 for this service!)

What NOT to do that will spell disaster - avoid this like the plague!

How to recruit SUPER-affiliates who can jolt your profits like a bolt of lightning! (Bring in those with large ezine mailing lists, high-traffic websites and "guru" influence)

The Free Advertising System contains two important sections: Establishing and building your affiliate team, AND keeping your affiliates active and loyal. In this two sections you learned such critical information as...

How to get a quick burst of new affiliates into your program ANYTIME you want.

How to use joint ventures to bring hundreds of new affiliates into your program.

10-step, easy-to-follow system for recruiting SUPER-affiliates from the coveted Top 10 positions in the major search engines.

3 completely free tools to use to help you find more SUPER-affiliates.

A simple, 4-step system for "stealing" your competitor's affiliates and recruiting them into your own reseller program.

A 5-step, paint-by-numbers formula for recruiting powerful ezine publishers into your affiliate program and 3 ways to find out who to recruit.

A quick and easy plan for convincing "gurus" to endorse and promote your products.

3 hurdles you'll find when attempting to recruit "gurus" and how to leap those hurdles like you are a gold medal sprinter at the Olympics!

How to avoid having your affiliate program come to a screeching halt as new programs come online.

A ready-made database of 3,800 web marketing techniques to use to train your affiliates. (Covers everything you'd want to train your affiliates about: traffic generation, viral marketing, eBook marketing, search engines, joint ventures and more!)

How to build anticipation and excitement among your affiliates to keep them working hard to promote your products.

The ONE thing that EVERY affiliate wants in order to stay loyal...and how you can give it to them.

Two sure-fire ways to guarantee your affiliates generate larger commission checks.

Two kinds of contests that ALWAYS produce more sales for you!

What the "if you don't do anything else, do this" thing is for YOUR affiliate program.

3 easy methods to use to make certain your affiliate program continues to run smoothly, month after month.

How to turn inactive affiliates into top order-producing affiliates!
You will get these 4 e books in pdf format.

1. 6 Ways To Outsell Other Resellers and Become a SUPER-Affiliate w/ Reprint Rights 2. 7 Hard-To-Refuse Offers That Practically Force Resellers To Join Your Affiliate Program! 3. 10 Things To Have Your Affiliates Do That Will Skyrocket Your Sales Almost Overnight! 4. How to Setup Your Own Free Automated Traffic Generators That Multiply Your Marketing like a Virus

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