Essential Guide To Organic Gardening

Essential Guide To Organic Gardening

Why garden organically?

When you decide to garden organically, you can eliminate the concern for destroying the environment ... but just as importantly, you can eliminate the concern for you and your family's health and well being.
By deciding to garden organically, you'll help prevent the poisoning of groundwater and prevent adding further toxins to the soil. Your vegetables, flowers and herbs will be stronger and healthier - and so won't you!

The Essential Guide to Organic Gardening has great tips and suggestions. Here are just some of the topics covered in this 24 page information packed ebook.

� Planning Your Organic Vegetable Garden

� Why Grow an Organic Herb Garden

� Herb Vinegar Preparation

� Herb Butter Preparation

� Herb Oil Preparation

� Organic Garden Fertilizers

� Organic Gardening Compost

� Organic Pest Control

� Companion Planting

� Plants That Repel

� Organic Container Gardening

� Organic Hydroponic Gardening