The Best Exercises You Have Never Heard Of

In this Free Exercise Ebook You Learn Exciting New Exercises That Will... Squeeze FAR More Results Out of Every Single Ounce Of Effort You're Already Putting Into Your Workouts Right Now Shatter Training Plateaus Like a Brick Through A Plate-Glass Window Develop and Work Your Muscles With Incredible Efficiency Push Your Overall Muscular Development To A Whole New Level Totally Eliminate Any Trace or Possibility of Boredom in Your Workout Routine

These new exercises will:
provide a new growth stimulus for your muscles, which will help you make gains without any more effort than you're putting in right now on your current exercises and programs.

increase your strength in other conventional exercises. You could potentially add 50 pounds or more to your bench press simply by adding in one of the new exercises that I'm going to show you.

help you blast through plateaus quickly and easily. No more ruts. No more stalled progress. You'll have the knowledge you need to blow through them like they weren't even there.

work muscles you didn't even know you had. These underworked, underdeveloped muscles are often the key to unlocking gains that are just not possible with conventional exercises.

help you develop a more complete physique by working all your muscles from many different angles. I don't care if you're male or female, you'll turn heads wherever you go!

prevent staleness and boredom and send your motivation sky high. You'll not only look forward to going to the gym to use these exercises, your energy levels will be through the roof! Nothing gives you that spark to train like feeling your muscles rapidly responding and growing like a dry sponge dropped in a glass of water.

Abdominal exercises so focused, they'll leave you doubled
over on the floor, grinning ear-to-ear. You'll have the
rippling washboard abs that demand notice!
The abs are very rarely worked through their full range of motion. The traditional crunch or sit-up starts with your back basically flat, completely missing the arched-back range of motion. You will learn an abdominal exercise that looks like a sit-up and loads your abs like a sit-up but directly targets your abs from full stretch to full contraction, all with no back stress.

This exercise uses the biomechanics of the midsection to zero in on the abdominal muscles like a diamond-cutting laser beam. Plenty of trainers (even advanced) can only do one good set when they first do this exercise. If I could only do one ab exercise for the rest of my life, this would be it.
Most ab exercises work from only one direction. For example, the crunch only works from the top down as you go through the range of motion. You'll discover an exercise that works the abs from 2 different directions at the same time, effectively DOUBLING the tension on your abs in one movement. And if you throw in a simple twist, you'll get tension in 3 different directions! Imagine the iron six-pack you'll develop from that!
Want to learn an exercise that will increase your core strength so effectively that you'll feel stronger and more stable in practically every other exercise you do? This simple movement does just that. It strengthens the muscles that support your upper body and transfer force through your midsection. Strengthening these muscles can immediately boost sports and lifting performance tremendously

Speaking of bodyweight exercises, if you've ever had difficulty building your biceps, you'll appreciate this exercise. It's a variation of the pull-up that, when you add in the simple adjustment that I've come up with, throws 90% of the muscle-building tension of the pull-up onto your biceps. You'll never have a problem building your biceps again! Imagine the results you'll get from a bicep exercise done using almost your ENTIRE BODYWEIGHT!

And if you thought using your entire bodyweight was impressive, want to try using double your bodyweight on a biceps exercise? I know how to do it and I'll show you how it's done. With this version of the barbell curl, you can literally feel your biceps bursting with growth when you're doing them. Beware: this one isn't for the faint of heart! At a bodyweight of around 200 lbs., I've done this exercise using 365 lbs! You won't believe the extarordinary, deep growth stimulus you'll feel in every inch of your biceps when you're done with this one.
The cable curl is an excellent exercise but I know a way to do it that puts such a massive stretch on your biceps that you can nearly feel your fibers tearing. Putting a great deal of tension on the muscle in its most stretched position has been shown to greatly increase muscle growth. In fact, laboratory tests on cats have shown that under these conditions of tension and stretch, muscle hyperplasia (muscle fiber splitting) can occur. This means more muscle fibers!

We can't necessarily, of course, generalize these results to humans, but once you've felt the intensity of the stretch and tension you'll get from this exercise, you may start meowing and looking for a saucer of warm milk. I will walk you through the technique I use to put such a potent stretch on my biceps that I barely have the strength to scratch my nose when I'm done with it.


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