Start Your Own Scrapbooking Business

"Start Your Own Scrapbooking Business” Don't Be The Scrapbooker That Has All Of The Resources To Make Money And Never Do Anything About It. Hurry Or The Chance Of a Lifetime Could Pass You By...”

Scrapbooking Is a Billion Dollar Industry, And You Can Cash In On The Craze By Starting Your Own Scrapbooking Business!!! This E-Book Will Show You How To In This Easy Step By Step Guide How To Make Thousands Doing Something That You Like To Do
Introduction 3
Direct Sales Consultant 4
Scrapbook Instructor 10
Event Organizer 14
Product Designer/Manufacturer 16
Scrapbook “Expert” 17
Professional Scrapbook Artist 20
Scrapbook Retailer 22
Hiring Employees 23
Providing Great Customer Service 25
Online Retailer 27
Paper Piecing and E-Bay 29
Creating Piecings That Will Sell 31
Organization 32
Advertising Your Auction 33
Custom Orders 33
Providing Excellent Customer Service 35
Before You Start 35
Marketing Your Business 37
Your Website 41
E-zines 42
Blogs 44
Press Releases 45
Traditional Advertising 46
Newspapers 46
Telephone Books 47
Television 48
Radio 49
Other Marketing Tools 50
Naming Your Business 51
What Do You Charge? 52
Trade Shows & Conventions 54
At Tax Time 55
Conclusion 57


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