The Amazing Secrets of Mother Nature's Methods for training puppies and dogs will be revealed to you! Are you thinking about getting a puppy?
We stick to “Mother Nature’s” methods of correction and praise when dealing with puppies or
dogs since this is the language they will immediately understand, comprehend and respect.
Mother Nature’s way as we have seen fit to term it, works for all breeds. The intensity of this
method will vary from dog to dog. You will learn more about this unique method we have studied
as we progress. Why Mother Nature’s method? Simply, there has been over the years as many
methods developed by different trainers as there are fads from the Beatles of the 60’s to disco of
the early 80’s. We are not saying that these methods don’t work but we choose to use the
most natural of all.
• How to pick out the right puppy for you.
• Pre-preparations before the puppy comes home.
• Puppy proofing your home.
• Housebreaking.
• Biting or nipping.
• Proper and appropriate “Toys.”
• How to make these “Toys” work as teaching tools.
• Accurate corrections
• Discipline.
• Energy burn off
• Training equipment

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